Health Over Length: Don’t Be Afraid to Trim Your Curls

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Many people shy away from the thought of getting their hair trimmed because it can be a little scary. I’m sure anyone would love to have long, beautiful curls flowing down their back, however, getting regular trims is important if you want healthy hair that continues to grow. 

I know it may sound weird… Why would you cut your hair if you want the length? Well, if you don’t get rid of broken or split-ends, it can cause more harm in the long run. 

There are many factors that can lead to split-ends and breakage such as:

  • Excessive use of heat/chemicals 
  • Environmental factors 
  • Daily manipulation of your hair 

And of course, not getting your hair trimmed regularly can lead to those things. If you want to grow healthier hair faster, then keeping up with your trims is a must! 

When Should You Trim? 

Although there’s no specific schedule to follow since everyone’s hair is different, here are a few signs you should look out for when it’s time for a fresh trim: 

  • Rough, dry ends that are see-through 
  • You experience more tangles/knots 
  • Less curl definition and elasticity 
  • Excessive breakage and shedding 

Whether you decide to trim your hair at home or see a professional, you’ll notice a huge difference with its overall manageability and how it looks once you get rid of dead, split-ends. 

Benefits of Trimming Your Hair

Besides getting rid of split-ends that can eventually lead to damage, here are a few other benefits of getting your hair trimmed regularly: 

  • Your hair will look fuller and healthier, especially when you style it. Since you’ll be removing dead ends, your curls won’t look limp or straggly. 
  • You’ll retain more length and promote healthy hair growth. Although trimming doesn’t technically make your hair grow faster, it’ll seem that way since it isn’t breaking off all of the time. 
  • It’ll be easier to detangle and manage your hair which means less frustrating wash days and styling processes. 
  • Your styles will last longer and frizz can be minimized. 
  • Trimming regularly also prevents those annoying single-strand knots. 

Doesn’t all of that sound so much better than seeing a pile of hair all over the place every wash day? You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration when you get rid of ends that are no longer providing benefits for your curls. 

How to Trim Properly 

The way you choose to trim your hair depends on your comfortability and what works best for you. 

Some people do the ‘dusting’ or search and destroy method which means you look for split-ends and get rid of them one by one. It’s easy to become scissor-happy while doing this, therefore, you want to be careful! 

You can watch this video to see an example of dusting! Make sure you use the correct pair of shears to ensure you achieve a precise cut. 

You can also choose to straighten your hair before trimming which is easier since you’ll be able to have more control and not cut too much in some areas. 

The last way to trim your hair is by doing a curly or ‘Deva Cut’. This is when you trim your hair in its natural curl pattern. I recommend seeing a professional for this because you want to avoid cutting sections shorter than others. Most naturalista’s opt for this since it doesn’t require using heat. 

If you want to grow healthy, long curls, then I hope this post helped you see the importance of keeping up with trims.

Don’t be afraid of the scissors! Your hair will thank you for it and the length will come as you continue to maintain it properly and make trimming a regular part of your routine. 

Blog Post Contributor: @naturally_madisen 


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