Detangle & Moisture Bundle

Detangle & Moisture Bundle

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Say goodbye to tangled and dry hair! This carefully curated Detangle & Moisture Bundle includes everything you need for effortless detangling, cleansing, and deep hydration. Our pre-poo treatment detangles hair with ease and prepares your hair for cleansing, followed by our luxurious shampoo and conditioner that leaves your hair soft and manageable. Complete your routine with our leave-in conditioner, delivering long-lasting moisture and protection.


Bundle Includes:

1 (12 oz) Fenugreek Detangling Pre Poo

1 ( 8 oz) Lemon & Rosemary Clarifying Shampoo

1 (8 oz) Rose Hydrating Conditioner

1 (8 oz) Banana Leave In Conditioner

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