Complete Wash Day Bundle

Complete Wash Day Bundle

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Hi! We’re the collection that's filled with great wash day essentials. We're all here to provide you with an amazing and easy wash day. This bundle includes 7 of us and we all provide amazing benefits and are filled with yummy ingredients. You may not need us all every single time but we’re here just in case. Have a happy wash day!

Bundle Includes:

1 (8 oz) Lemon & Rosemary Clarifying Shampoo

1 (12 oz) Fenugreek Detangling Pre Poo

1 (12 oz) Nourishing Cucumber Shampoo

1 (8 oz) Rose Hydrating Conditioner

1 (8 oz) Milk Strengthening Deep Conditioner

1 (8 oz) Banana Leave In Conditioner

1 (8 oz) Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil


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