Protein Q & A

Does my hair need protein? Can I use protein on my type 4 hair? My hair hates protein! What should I do? These are the types of questions we get daily! It's time to talk about the importance of protein for your hair.


What is a protein treatment?

Protein treatments are deep conditioners that use protein and botanical-rich ingredients to make your hair stronger. Protein attaches to your hair strands, filling in any gaps, and adds a protective barrier to lessen further damage. They are used to strengthen your hair, help prevent breakage, and improve elasticity. They do not, and we repeat DO NOT repair damaged hair. 


Do I need a protein treatment?

All hair textures, no matter what race or ethnicity needs protein! Low porosity, high porosity, it doesn't matter all hair needs protein. Our hair has to have a good balance of protein and moisture to thrive and stay healthy.


Signs your hair needs protein!

  • Your hair feels mushy, gummy, weak, or limp
  • Color treated hair
  • Relaxed/Permed
  • Your hair is breaking in small strands (Long strands with a white bulb is a natural cycle of hair shedding)
  • No products you are using seem to work anymore.
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Transitioning
  • Use a lot of heat tools such as blow dryers and flat irons


How often should I do a protein treatment?

We recommend every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the state of your hair and how much protein is in your everyday products. Please don't use a protein treatment too often as you will put your hair at risk of protein overload. Protein overload is when you have added too much protein to your hair causing the moisture to be off balance. Your hair will feel stiff, hard, or dry.


How do I know if a product contains protein?

Most products will have words such as "strengthening", "repair", or "reconstruct" in the product name. Look at ingredient labels too. Look for "protein," "hydrolyzed", and "amino acid". Ingredients found in your kitchen such as avocado, milk, yogurt, and mayonnaise are great at strengthening your hair as well.


My hair feels hard and stiff after a protein treatment. Is my hair protein sensitive?

So you just did a protein treatment last wash day and you feel that your hair is hard and stiff. Are you protein sensitive? Not really! Most of the time your hair feels hard and stiff after a protein treatment due to too much protein in that treatment or your hair simply didn't need one.


Do I have to avoid products containing protein?

Not at all! Your hair still needs protein to maintain strength. Check how much protein is in your hair products. Use protein treatments that only contain one protein instead of several different kinds. Try products where protein is not in the first five ingredients. Make sure your other hair products, such as shampoos and stylers, contain no protein.


Our Milk Strengthening Deep Conditioner is the perfect protein treatment to add to your hair care regimen! Formulated with organic coconut milk, goat milk, and quinoa protein, this treatment helps to strengthen and protect your hair while providing major hydration.














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